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61 Central Ave, East Orange, NJ 07018


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Owners of Systahood Beauty Supply

Dennis & Monica Alston


Systahood Beauty Supply opened its first location in East Orange, NJ in 1998. Placed in a prime location, Systahood thrived and quickly became a community staple. Since opening its doors in ‘98, Systahood not only met the hair care and beauty care needs of the surrounding area, they also supported the community at large through donations, community events, and hiring locally.

The second location of Systahood Beauty Supply, Systahood Beauty Supply II, opened in Easton , PA in 2011. They soon found that they filled a much needed niche for African American families in the area by specializing in products that catered to textured hair. They are one of very few beauty supplies in the area that supply products for this demographic of people and take great pride and responsibility in this.Owners, Dennis and Monica Alston, have a long standing reputation in the Northern New Jersey area as “all around good people.” Dennis has always had a knack for entrepreneurship. As a social butterfly, he has always been great at making friends and has always had a friend he could call to help him solve any problem. He’s always invested in his social capital and it has always served him well. Monica, before getting into entrepreneurship, occupied various positions professionally but also served an organization called Systas 4 Systas, Inc. which aims to empower young women through programming and mentorship. Her overall spirit of serving can clearly be seen in the work that she does and the service she provides for Systahood. She continues to give back to the community, using Systahood Beauty Supply as means to donate to those who may be less fortunate. Through their various connections and work ethic, they have been able to grow Systahood, Systahood II, and Brotherhood Barbershop.